Constellium Debuts New High-Performance Aluminium Powder For Additive Manufacturing

Constellium Debuts New High-Performance Aluminium Powder For Additive Manufacturing

Amsterdam rolled and extruded aluminium leader Constellium N.V. announced the latest addition to its line of advance aluminium products in the form of high-performance aluminium powder “Aheadd” for use in additive manufacturing.

Per the firm, the bespoke aluminium powders are designed to fit the particular needs of its customers. Constellium envisions users in a wide variety of sectors to use the aluminium powder, including aerospace, motorsports, and defense. The new aluminium powder features better thermal stability than conventional aluminium powders, allowing for the inclusion of titanium in certain uses in order to lower weight and cost.

Jean-Marc Germain, CEO of Constellium, said the move was his firm’s bid to increase its presence in the growing market for additive manufacturing.

“As a global leader in innovative aluminium products and solutions, we are at the forefront of the evolving and fast changing additive manufacturing market, and we are proud to be expanding our portfolio to serve and meet the needs of our customers across all industries. The global additive manufacturing market has great potential with new design and production possibilities, and we look forward to further expanding its potential by providing unique and high-performance aluminium powders customized for our customers.”

The firm says it has signed a deal with the firm Poly-Shape to develop and produce components utilizing the powders as well.

Constellium, based in Amsterdam, was founded 1855 as Henri Merle et Compagnie and subsequently renamed Pechiney in 1950. Pechiney was purchased by Alcan in 2003, which was purchased by Rio Tinto in 2007. In 2011 Rio Tinto sold Alcan Engineered Products to Apollo Management (51%) and FSI (10%). Constellium produces rolled and extruded aluminium products from various alloys, bringing in €5.9 billion of revenue in 2019.