Constellium And Novelis Form Organization To Promote Automotive Aluminium

Constellium And Novelis Form Organization To Promote Automotive Aluminium

Value-added aluminium firms Constellium N.V. and Novelis announced yesterday their partnership to form a non-profit organization to promote and improve aluminium auto body sheet called Alumobility.

According to the firms, this new organization will act as a facilitator for automotive aluminium makers to share technological innovation and market strategies. Alumobility’s ultimate goal is to help develop automobiles that are lighter, safer, and smarter via the use of aluminium in their construction.

Pierre Labat, President of Alumobility and Vice President, Global Automotive at Novelis, says the organization will gather experts from around the industry to help encourage the greater adoption of aluminium in the automotive sector.

“Alumobility is a collaboration of organizations to enthusiastically innovate and demonstrate the advantages of aluminum auto body sheet in vehicle applications. Our global ecosystem approach is focused on action and leverages the best minds in our industry to support OEMs and deliver aluminum-enabled mobility.”

Jack Clark, Vice President of Alumobility and Constellium’s Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Chief Technical Officer, notes the change Alumobility hopes to achieve.

“Aluminum offers the promise of a stronger, more collaborative, more sustainable mobility future. The technical work published by Alumobility will reinforce the vital role of lightweight, sustainable aluminum, particularly for electric vehicles, while increasing recycling and reducing carbon emissions throughout the lifecycle.”

The firms say Alumobility has already improved the industry via technical studies regarding improvements to the automobile door and structural B-pillar and the use of aluminium in both those applications. Alumobility says these first tests prove the contention that aluminium can match steel and other materials at an attractive price point.

Alumobility’s corporate structure will come together in the following weeks, as Constellium and Novelis work to populate a board of directors representing other firms in the aluminium sector. Alumobility expects to add other member companies in the coming years.