Coca-Cola Will Soon Package Dasani In Aluminium Cans And Bottles

Coca-Cola Will Soon Package Dasani In Aluminium Cans And Bottles

In an effort at increasing usage of recycled materials and reduction of plastic waste, Dasani brand drinking water will soon be available in aluminium cans and bottles.

The Coca-Cola Company announced earlier this week that the United States’ top bottled water brand is joining in the company’s “World Without Waste” initiative, which is working toward a goal of producing bottles and cans with an average of 50 percent recycled material within the next 11 years.

To that end, Coca-Cola will introduce Dasani to the market in aluminium cans starting later this year, followed by the release of Dasani in aluminium bottles around the middle of next year.

Dasani brand director Lauren King said the move is a significant next step in Coca-Cola’s ultimate sustainability goals.

“Today’s announcement is the largest sustainability initiative in the history of the Dasani brand. It’s rooted in providing sustainable options for our consumers, while doubling down on our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment. Over the last decade we’ve been on a journey to make Dasani more sustainable through new package design and innovation, and we are now accelerating these efforts in support our company’s ambitious goals to significantly reduce packaging waste around the world by 2030. While there is no single solution to the problem of plastic waste, the additional package and package-less options we are rolling out today mark an important next step in our effort to provide even more sustainable solutions at scale.”

“Designing our packages to reduce the amount of raw materials used and incorporating recycled and renewable content in our bottles to help drive a circular economy for our packaging is an important part of our commitment to doing business the right way,” explained Coca-Cola North America Packaging Innovation Group Director Sneha Shah. “We are working diligently to continually reduce our overall environmental footprint through smarter package design, procurement of recycled and renewable materials while continuing to deliver exceptional consumer experiences.”

Dasani will also begin marking its packaging with labeling intended to educate consumers about recycling and to encourage the practice. The product will continue to be offered in plastic containers, but next year will see the company switch to a hybrid polyethylene terephthalate (PET) formulation that includes plant-based materials and increased recycled plastic content.