CMWA Announces US$110-Million Expansion To NE Kentucky Aluminium Wheel Plant

CMWA Announces US$110-Million Expansion To NE Kentucky Aluminium Wheel Plant

Kentucky aluminium wheel maker Central Motor Wheel of America (CMWA) announced last Thursday the commencement of Project PROACE, a US$110-million expansion at its operations in Bourbon County that will add dozens of new jobs and hundreds of thousands of square feet to the manufacturing plant.

The plant, which produces aluminium wheels for passenger cars and light trucks, will be expanded from its current size of 330,000 ft2 on its four-acre tract by 270,000 ft2, adding 1 million units per year of capacity in the process. CMWA plans to hire an additional 145 workers to operate the new capacity, bringing its total workforce to just under 700 individuals. The entire project is expected to be completed over the next two years, with a planned start date of new production of July 2021.

Osamu Ushio, President of CMWA’s parent company Central Motor Wheel Co., Ltd. said the move will help the firm better position itself to capitalize upon growing regional demand.

“In response to increasing demand for high-design and high-performance aluminum wheels in North America, we will develop high quality and competitive products by introducing cutting-edge technology and realization of high-level on-site capabilities, corresponding to diversifying customer needs.”

CMWA was founded in 1986 in Paris, Kentucky and began operations two years later. At present the plant boast a nameplate capacity of 2 million aluminium wheels per annum and 6 million steel wheels per annum. The firm produces cast, surface machined, and super chrome aluminium wheels exclusively for Toyota and Lexus in sizes ranging form 14″ x 4″ to 22″ x 12″.