Chinese Aluminium Foil Makers Summoned To Beijing To Discuss Mexico’s Anti-Dumping Probe

Chinese Aluminium Foil Makers Summoned To Beijing To Discuss Mexico’s Anti-Dumping Probe

Aluminium foil makers in the People’s Republic of China will be meeting tomorrow in Beijing under summons from the Ministry of Commerce to discuss Mexico’s recent anti-dumping probe against them. So said several anonymous sources who spoke to Reuters last week.

A trio of sources told the news agency that the meeting will be held to discuss responses to the probe, which began on Tuesday.

One source said that the probe’s timing by Mexico, which he characterized as a “big market” for Chinese aluminium goods, was “very interesting.” The source is likely alluding to the ongoing trade troubles between China and the United States.

The probe is in response to a complaint filed this spring by Almexa Aluminio claiming that imports from China of aluminium foil of a thickness equal to or less than 0.08 millimeters was harming Mexico’s domestic aluminium industry.

The investigation over importation of such foil, which typically finds use as household foil or flexible packaging, is focusing on imports from the entirety of last year, though damages will be determined by looking at import numbers as far back as 2015.

“We believe there are high odds for anti-dumping duties of at least 30 percent as a result of this investigation,” explained Harbor Intelligence in a note released shortly after the investigation commenced.

While Chinese producers of aluminium foil are obviously critical of the move, a North American aluminium trade group expressed its strong support of the move on Thursday.

“The Aluminum Association is pleased by the Government of Mexico’s decision to launch an antidumping investigation on imports of certain Chinese aluminum foil,” said Aluminum Association president & CEO Heidi Brock in a statement. “The North American aluminum market is highly integrated, and it is vital the region work together to combat unfair trade practices and enforce rules-based trade. The U.S. aluminum industry has already seen real results from targeted and durable trade enforcement actions, and we are glad to see trading partners like Mexico demonstrate their commitment to rigorous and timely enforcement of global trade rules.”