Chinese Aluminium Foil Firm Files Suit Against U.S. Duties

Chinese Aluminium Foil Firm Files Suit Against U.S. Duties

A subsidiary of the People’s Republic of China’s Shantou Wanshun Package Material Stock Co announced on Monday that it is taking the Trump administration to court over two anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties recently levied against it.

Per a filing made with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Jiangsu Zhongji Lamination Materials filed a suit against the U.S. government at the U.S. Court of International Trade. The company was assessed a countervailing duty of 17.14 percent and an anti-dumping duty of 37.99 percent earlier this year.

Though it subsequently filed a “no injury” claim with the U.S. International Trade Commission last year, the claim was rejected.

Zhongji’s assessed duties were among the lowest levied upon Chinese makers, which the firm says means that a portion of its arguments rang true with regulators.

“But there are still some unreasonable elements inside,” said Wanshun’s Board Secretary Huang Wei in an interview with Reuters.

She continued by asserting that the comparison U.S. regulators made of China’s aluminium foil prices to those of South Africa’s were inappropriate, suggesting that a better comparison would have been to prices in Bulgaria.

Zhongji seeks no damages in the suit, but Huang hopes that the move will prompt Washington to drop the twin duties. Regardless, she expects that her firm will continue to sell to the American market.

“We will still export to the United States,” said Huang, noting that “our customers still came back to buy” their aluminium foil.

For its part, the Aluminum Association remained confident that the court would find in favor of retaining the complained-of tariffs.

“We will work vigorously, along with the individual member companies that participated in the investigation, to defend the government’s unanimous finding that U.S. industry has been materially injured by unfairly-traded imports of certain aluminium foil from China,” said a spokesman for the trade group.