China’s Fourth Quarter Aluminium Scrap Quota Surpasses Third Quarter Limit

China’s Fourth Quarter Aluminium Scrap Quota Surpasses Third Quarter Limit

The government of the People’s Republic of China issued the first set of scrap metal quotas for the year’s closing quarter earlier this week. The state says it plans to allow in roughly 66 thousand metric tons of aluminium, copper, and ferrous scrap metals during the fourth quarter.

China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management announced earlier this week that importers would be allowed to bring in 32,940 metric tons of 7602000090 aluminium scrap, 31,658 metric tons of 7404000090 copper scrap, and 1,770 metric tons of ferrous scrap.

This week’s quotas bring the year’s total allowable aluminium scrap imports to 405,416 metric tons, copper to 484,217 metric tons, and ferrous to 22,688 metric tons. The state will allow copper scrap imported pursuant to the quotas to the ports at Nanhai, Nansha, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Xinhui. Aluminium imports can be received at the ports of Nanhai, Nansha, and Ningbo.

The quotas set so far for the fourth quarter for aluminium are higher than those allowed in the third quarter last year, which totaled 349,510 metric tons. Copper scrap quotas are lower on the year, however, as last year’s third quarter saw importers bring in 624,276 metric tons.

Last year saw Chinese importers bring in 1.57 million metric tons of aluminium scrap, 2.41 million metric tons of copper scrap, and 1.34 million metric tons of ferrous scrap, totaling 5.32 metric tons of imported scrap metal for the entirety of 2018.

October begins the second quarter in which Beijing has officially limited import scrap metal. As of the first of July, only those possessing a license to do so are allowed to import scrap metal from overseas, and only at quantities specified by the government. Chinese officials implemented the policy due to environmental concerns.