CHALCO Shandong Advanced Material Joins Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

CHALCO Shandong Advanced Material Joins Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

Trade group Aluminium Stewardship Initiative announced last week that CHALCO Shandong Advanced Material Co., Ltd has joined the organization as a Production and Transformation member. CHALCO Shandong’s inclusion in the Initiative brings the total membership to 206.

Headquartered in Zibo, CHALCO Shandong has conducted research and development into and production of fine alumina since the 1960s. CHALCO Shandong’s current annual production is 1 million metric tons, and it boasts over ten dozen different products. The firm’s main products are 4A zeolite, high whiteness aluminum hydroxide for filler, calcined a-alumina, pseudo-boehmite, and superfine aluminum hydroxide.

CHALCO Shandong’s book of business includes clients from over 50 countries and regions. The firm produces more 4A zeolite than any other company in the world, the second-most high whiteness aluminium oxide of any other firm, and produces the third-most pseudo-boehmite.

Qin Nian Yong, CHALCO Shandong’s General Manager, said in a press release that his firm is excited to join the organization.

“ASI membership is the future trend for aluminum industry. We joined ASI to build an excellent management system to enhance our corporate image and achieve sustainable development.”

The ASI is a worldwide organization dedicated to setting industrial standards and certifications in the aluminium industry. The association brings together the various stakeholders in the aluminium industry in order to achieve objectives including sustainable production methods, material chain-of-custody procedures, recycling, social impacts related to aluminium production, and production standards.