Century And USW Reach Five-Year Labor Deal At Hawesville Aluminium Smelter

Century And USW Reach Five-Year Labor Deal At Hawesville Aluminium Smelter
Source: Century Aluminum

American smelter Century Aluminum announced yesterday an agreement with the labor force at its Hawesville, Kentucky smelter that will govern the relationship between the two parties for the next five years.

In a press release, subsidiary Century Aluminum of Kentucky General Partnership and United Steelworkers Local 9423 agreed to the five-year plan on Friday. Specifics of the deal were not relayed, but the firm noted that the agreement, which would lapse on April 1, 2026, would add another 60 jobs at the plant. Currently the labor force at the Hawesville aluminium smelter totals around 300.

Gunnar Gudlaugsson, Century’s Executive Vice President, Global Operations, and Dayan Neves, Hawesville’s plant manager, are quoted in a press release as expressing happiness over the results of negotiations with the site’s labor union.

“We are pleased to reach a new agreement with the Steelworkers, and excited about adding these new positions as our expansion continues. These productive negotiations between the two parties is a great example of how we work together with the USW to provide the best opportunities for our employees and to put Hawesville in a position to succeed in a highly competitive aluminum market.”

The Hawesville aluminium smelter is Century’s biggest plant and is the most prolific producer of primary aluminium on the continent. The plant produces standard-grade aluminium and high-purity aluminium, the latter being used for specific applications in the defense and aerospace sectors. Its nameplate aluminium smelting capacity across all five of its potlines is 250 thousand metric tons per annum.