Century Aluminum Applauds Biden Administration’s Push To Strengthen American Manufacturing

Century Aluminum Applauds Biden Administration’s Push To Strengthen American Manufacturing

American primary aluminium producer Century Aluminum Company voiced its support for President Joe Biden’s executive order to support American manufacturers, businesses, and workers, noting that the initiative is crucial to recovering economically from the economic downturn caused by the global coronavirus epidemic.

Century Aluminum noted the importance of rebuilding the United States’ manufacturing base and its supply chains as well, saying that this is critical to ensuring that the “future is made in America by all of America’s workers.”

Michael Bless, CEO of Century Aluminum, elaborated upon the firm’s praise for the executive order in a press release.

“Manufacturing is the backbone of our great nation. We applaud President Biden for his leadership on this critically important issue that will empower domestic manufacturing while creating more good paying jobs for American workers. Today’s executive action by the Biden Administration will strengthen our national security and critical infrastructure and ensure that our government is investing taxpayer dollars in American businesses as we work together to Build Back Better.”

Century continued by asserting that the global coronavirus pandemic showed the importance of a robust manufacturing base in America. Biden’s support for the domestic manufacturing base is critical to ensure that supply lines do not fail during a national emergency, and it represents a strong first move to strengthening the United State’s core manufacturing capabilities.

The firm closed by noting the importance of federal contractors purchasing their primary aluminium from American smelters, and that Century Aluminum is prepared to work with the new administration in strengthening America’s supply chains to supply aluminium that is critical to national security.