Century Aluminum Applauds Biden Administration’s New Tariffs On Russian Aluminium

Century Aluminum Applauds Biden Administration’s New Tariffs On Russian Aluminium

American primary aluminium producer Century Aluminum’s top executive came out in support of the Biden administration’s decision to apply a 200 percent tariff on imported aluminium from the Russian Federation.

In a press release, President and Chief Executive Officer Jesse Gary said the move was long overdue.

“Century Aluminum fully supports the Biden administration’s decision to impose significant tariffs on the import of Russian aluminum and Russian aluminum embedded in downstream articles. For too long, Russian aluminum producers have flooded the market with excess production, undercutting U.S. competitors without consequence.”

Gary went on to say that the tariffs on Russian aluminium provided a myriad of benefits to the United States.

“A thriving domestic aluminum market is essential to today’s U.S. national security, economic, and climate objectives. These tariffs make our country safer, more economically independent, and more sustainable, and will strengthen our domestic supply chain, make the U.S. less reliant on those who wish us harm, and put our country on a steadier path to a green future.”

The Biden administration increased Section 232 tariffs on aluminium imported from Russia late last week. Announced on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the tariffs are part of a comprehensive package meant to apply pressure to Moscow without significantly harming the United States economy.

Aluminium is one of over 200 chemicals, metals, and other raw materials imported from Russia on which the Biden administration added or increased import duties.