Demand for Hollow Aluminium Chassis Components On the Rise

Demand for Hollow Aluminium Chassis Components On the Rise

The demand for hollow aluminium chassis components for use in the construction of electric vehicles is on the rise according to a prominent aluminium casting firm in the United Kingdom. The Coventry-based firm Sarginsons Industries recently related to an industry publication that...


Aluminium 101 – Aluminium Alloys

While elemental aluminium is a versatile substance with many useful properties, 100% pure aluminium is rarely used for commercial applications. Most aluminium used commercially is mixed with some other substance, forming an alloy. Alloys may contain up to fifteen percent by weight of another element, such as iron, silicon, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Literally […]

Romanian Firm to Invest in Intelligent Aluminium Can Collection

Romania’s Can-Pack Romania, the Eastern European country’s only producer of aluminium cans, plans to invest €200,000 (US$224,247) to install twenty-one intelligent aluminium collection devices for the Auchan hypermarket network this year, according to Alucro’s GM, Adina Magsi. The non-profit association Alucro was founded in 2008 by Can-Pack Romania and EAA (European Aluminium Association) in an […]

Luxury Yachts Increasingly Using Aluminium Hulls

According to an analysis of the industry, several yacht-making firms are transitioning to aluminium as the material of choice in the over-30-meter (98.4’) segment of the market. Two-hundred forty-five motor yachts in the over-30m segment have been brought to market with aluminium hulls. Heesen Yachts is at the front of the pack with 34 delivered […]

Reliance Steel Awarded Five-Year Contract with BAE for F-35 Components

AMI Metals, Inc., a subsidiary of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. announced yesterday that it has been awarded a five-year, US$100 million contract with United States defense contractor BAE Systems. The contract involves aluminium plating in the Defense Department’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Hawk, and Typhoon program. The announced contract begins January 1, 2017 and […]

New Aluminium Structure Developed to Improve Quality of LCD’s

A team of researchers recently announced an improvement in liquid crystal displays (LCD) that utilizes aluminium in place of conventional materials. The researchers, from Rice University and the University of New Mexico, determined that aluminium nanoparticles could eliminate color fading, a problem endemic with current LCD’s. In order to overcome the problem of fading, researchers […]