Alcoa Lands 3D Printing Contract with Airbus

Alcoa Lands 3D Printing Contract with Airbus

Aluminium major Alcoa announced today that it has reached an agreement with France’s Airbus SAS to print three-dimensional printed titanium fuselage and engine pylon components. According to the news release, Alcoa expects to ship the first parts under this contract later this...


Demand for Hollow Aluminium Chassis Components On the Rise

The demand for hollow aluminium chassis components for use in the construction of electric vehicles is on the rise according to a prominent aluminium casting firm in the United Kingdom. The Coventry-based firm Sarginsons Industries recently related to an industry publication that the firm has been tasked with increasingly more lightweight parts for electric vehicles. […]

Toyota Opens Efficient Aluminium Engine Plant in Indonesia

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, a subsidiary of Japan’s Toyota Motor Company, opened a new plant in West Java on Monday. The Karawang Engine Plant will manufacture aluminium-block engines, sourcing its aluminium from local mines and smelters. The opening of the Toyota plant is a significant milestone in Indonesia’s aluminium industry. The country nationalized the industry […]

European Commission: New Aluminium Technology Could Make Production Cleaner, More Efficient

Utilizing new technology now under development could reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) production in the aluminium industry by two-thirds and energy consumption by over one-fifth in 2050 according to a report released yesterday by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. Achievable reductions for primary aluminium production in the intervening years may be higher, according to the […]

Alcoa Announces Partnership with US Army to Develop Lightweight Vehicle Technology

American aluminium producer Alcoa announced today that it has been awarded a contract with the United States Army to develop lightweight armor for its ground vehicles. The five-year “Ground Vehicle Light-Weighting” contract with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) is estimated to be worth up to US$50 million. “This agreement […]

Aluminium 101 – Aluminium Alloys

While elemental aluminium is a versatile substance with many useful properties, 100% pure aluminium is rarely used for commercial applications. Most aluminium used commercially is mixed with some other substance, forming an alloy. Alloys may contain up to fifteen percent by weight of another element, such as iron, silicon, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Literally […]