Auto Parts Manufacturer Magna Opens US$60 Million Aluminium Casting Expansion in Alabama Plant

Auto Parts Manufacturer Magna Opens US$60 Million Aluminium Casting Expansion in Alabama Plant

Canadian auto parts supplier Magna International Inc. cut the ribbon on a US$60-million expansion of its plant in Birmingham, Alabama on Friday, debuting a new high-pressure aluminium casting process. The plant, operated by Kamtek, a division of Magna, will see the addition...


Rusal Opens US$1.14 MM Sodium Sulfate Plant in Central Siberia

Russian Federation aluminium titan UC Rusal announced yesterday the opening of a new US$1.14-million two-stage sodium sulfate gas treatment plant attached to the Krasnoyarsk aluminium smelter (KRAZ). The technology utilized at the plant is groundbreaking as the plant puts off no liquid nor solid waste thanks to an efficient two-stage gas scrubbing process. The use […]

Gränges Debuts Expanded Aluminium R&D Center in SE Sweden

Rolled-aluminium manufacturer Gränges AB marked the expansion of its Research and Innovation center yesterday in southeastern Sweden. According to the company, the center now features new office and laboratory areas, and new laboratory equipment. Additionally, Gränges used the opportunity of renovating the facility to revamp the organizational hierarchy, moving research and development into a more […]

Steel Versus Aluminium: Who’s Winning the Lightweighting Battle In Cars?

Much like the metals industry, automobile manufacturers are continually and significantly investing in research and development, from developing new alloys and materials with improved properties to perfecting the latest techniques in the welding and shaping of various materials and alloys. These efforts have one shared goal: lightweighting vehicles and reducing emissions. Since the automobile industry […]

Esoteric Process Could Cheaply Meet U.S.’s Need for High-Purity Aluminium

According to an industry expert, the United States could fill its defense industry’s entire need for high-purity aluminium with a minimal financial investment in an existing production method. Harbor Intelligence’s Tom Leary told a conference earlier this week of a process, called fractional crystallization, that would provide U.S. defense contractors with 30 thousand short tons […]

NASA Developing Highly-Reflective Aluminium Mirrors for Astrophysical Observations

Scientists at the United States federal government agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are working to better the best-recorded reflectance levels in the far-ultraviolet portion of the light spectrum by developing new telescopic mirrors using aluminiuim. The Maryland-based team is working in laboratories in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to develop successor technology for […]