Aluminium Legos Travel 1.7 Billion Miles to Jupiter

Aluminium Legos Travel 1.7 Billion Miles to Jupiter

Legos have been everywhere on Earth in the sixty-seven years since Denmark’s Ole Kirk Christiansen invented them in 1949, as anyone who has ever stepped on one while barefoot can certainly attest. However, in two years a set of aluminium Legos will...


Japanese Firms Ramping Up Automotive Aluminium Offerings

Two major Japanese metals companies are planning to expand their aluminium offerings to take advantage of the emerging trend in consumer vehicle lightweighting for improved fuel efficiency. Kobe Steel is planning to spend approximately US$93 million to assemble aluminium plants in the United States and the People’s Republic of China. The plants will make extruded […]

Constellium Announces Tech Center at Brunel University London

Amsterdam’s Constellium N.V. announced the opening of the Constellium University Technology Center (UTC) at Brunel University London today.  The Constellium University Technology Center is, according to the firm, “a dedicated center of excellence for the design, development and prototyping of aluminium alloys and automotive structural components.” The Center will feature industrial size aluminium casting and […]

Alcoa Lands 3D Printing Contract with Airbus

Aluminium major Alcoa announced today that it has reached an agreement with France’s Airbus SAS to print three-dimensional printed titanium fuselage and engine pylon components. According to the news release, Alcoa expects to ship the first parts under this contract later this year. Further details of the agreement were not disclosed by the company. “We […]

Chalco LNG-Replacement Facility Soon to be Commissioned

Houston’s Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. is preparing to commission the largest of three natural gas replacement projects constructed under the auspices of Tianwo-SES Clean Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. for the People’s Republic of China’s state-owned aluminium producer Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (Chalco). The natural gas replacement projects produce clean and economical syngas to replace […]

Alcoa’s Micromill Technology for future cars

The Micromill is Alcoa’s proprietary technology that manufactures the most advanced aluminium sheet on the market, according to Alcoa. Since being introduced in December 2014, Alcoa has achieved some significant breakthroughs, producing more formable aluminium sheet, with greater strength, lighter weight and higher formability. The Micromill process, according to Alcoa, changes the microstructure of the […]