Rusal Employs Quality Control Neural Network At Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter

Rusal Employs Quality Control Neural Network At Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter

Russian Federation aluminium titan UC Rusal announced this week the implementation of a new neural network at Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter that will monitor the quality of the plant’s aluminium ingot. Rusal’s new neural network utilizes a video monitoring system to check the...


Rio Tinto Partners With Comptech On Aluminium Giga-Casting Technology

Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto Group and research and development provider Comptech Group are partnering to market a new aluminium alloy for use in emerging technologies like electric vehicles and 5G antennas. Rio Tinto says it has already put into place alloys for Comptech’s semi-solid Rheocasting process that are capable of large specialized single piece […]

Rusal America To House Aluminium Additive Manufacturing Powder Business At Pittsburgh Tech Center

Anglo-Russian energy firm En+ Group plc’s United States subsidiary Rusal America announced earlier this week its partnership with additive manufacturing center Neighborhood 91, which will be the home of Rusal America’s new aluminium additive manufacturing powder business. Rusal America announced the beginning of its aluminium additive manufacturing powder segment in January this year. The firm […]

Altech Achieves “Breakthrough” In Successful Coating Of Silicon With Alumina

Australian innovator Altech Chemicals Ltd. announced earlier this week the successful application of alumina nano particles on silicon particles using proprietary technology developed for use on anodes in lithium-ion batteries. The firm points out that this follows an announcement late last year that it had been successful in coating graphite particles with a similar layer […]