Alcoa Unveils Roadmap To Sustainable Aluminium

Alcoa Unveils Roadmap To Sustainable Aluminium

Aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced this week a technological plan that it hopes will lead the aluminium industry into more sustainably producing the metal in the future. The firm says its “technological roadmap” are capable of not only moving the aluminium industry...


Rio Tinto Begins Scandium Oxide Production At Quebec Plant

Anglo-Australian metals mining giant Rio Tinto Group said last week it is beginning to produce high-quality scandium oxide for use in aluminium alloys at its Rio Tinto Fer et Titane (RTFT) plant in Quebec. Rio Tinto said the US$6-million project came in on time and on budget and has gone into production in under six […]

Alcoa Planning Conversion To Steam-Generated Power At Australian Alumina Refineries

American aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation said this week that it is preparing a “step change” in the production of alumina that would eliminate 70 percent of the emissions generated in the process by adapting renewable energy as a power source. Alcoa’s Australia subsidiary said Thursday that energy-intense exports from Down Under would be most harmed […]

Rio Tinto Partners With Comptech On Aluminium Giga-Casting Technology

Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto Group and research and development provider Comptech Group are partnering to market a new aluminium alloy for use in emerging technologies like electric vehicles and 5G antennas. Rio Tinto says it has already put into place alloys for Comptech’s semi-solid Rheocasting process that are capable of large specialized single piece […]