Hydro Showcases Sustainable Aluminium Designs at London Festival

Hydro Showcases Sustainable Aluminium Designs at London Festival

Hydro, a leading player in the aluminium and renewable energy sector, is marking its presence at the London Design Festival by exhibiting a sustainable collaboration with famed designer Lars Beller Fjetland. This partnership earlier bore fruit in the form of the Bello!...


Norsk Hydro Teams Up With Shell Energy To Decarbonize UK Operations

Norway’s Norsk Hydro has entered into a strategic partnership with Shell Energy to steer its UK operations toward decarbonization. The collaboration will be a three-year contract that entails an annual allocation of 56 GWh of electricity and 144 GWh of gas to Hydro’s UK facilities. This is expected to cut Hydro’s Scope 2 emissions by […]

Hydro Implements Biomethane Technology, Achieving Annual Reduction of 20K Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions

Norwegian aluminium producer Norsk Hydro ASA has successfully reduced its CO2 emissions by 20 thousand metric tons annually through the adoption of biomethane technology. The integration of biomethane into their operations marks a significant step towards achieving sustainability targets and environmental responsibility. The initiative, showcased in Hydro’s recent announcement, highlights the company’s dedication to implementing […]

Ball Corporation and Cervejaria Masterpiece Collaborate on ASI-Approved Aluminium Beverage Can

American aluminium packaging firm Ball Corporation announced this month a collaboration with Cervejaria Masterpiece to market the world’s first beverage can with the Aluminium Stewardship Institute’s (ASI) logo to mark the containers as being produced with responsibly-sourced aluminium. The container will hold Donatello Barley Wine, which is a beverage new to the market. The can will […]

Al Taweelah Alumina Refinery ASI Certification Brings Entirety of EGA’s Operations Under Performance Standard

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) announced earlier this month that Emirates Global Aluminium’s Al Taweelah alumina refinery has been certified under its Performance Standard V2 (2017). This certification means that the entirety of EGA’s global operations are now certified under ASI’s standards. EGA notes that its refinery is amongst the lowest greenhouse gas emitters among […]

Norsk Hydro to Convert Aluminium Extrusion Plants In Sweden to Solar Power

Norwegian aluminium producers Norsk Hydro ASA will begin a project at its extrusions plants in Sweden to convert their power sources to solar power generation. As part of the Greener Sweden project, Norsk Hydro intends to convert its plants in Vetlanda, Sjunnen, and Finspång to all locally-produced sustainable energy. Ultimately, Hydro hopes to reduce the […]