Dutch Producer Aldel Halts Primary Aluminium Production Due To High Electricity Prices

Dutch Producer Aldel Halts Primary Aluminium Production Due To High Electricity Prices

Dutch aluminium producer Aldel announced on Friday that it will be suspending production of primary aluminium due to the high cost of electricity. Commenting to Reuters from its aluminium plant in Delfzijl, the firm’s CEO Chris McNamee said that production ended Monday...


Alcoa Pledges To Achieve Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2050

American aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced this week its intention to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions along the entirety of its operations by 2050. The firm said that the push to neutralize both direct and indirect GHG emissions dovetails with its overall goal of operating in a more sustainable manner. Alcoa also notes that the […]

GFG Promises Legal Action Against AIP To Regain Dunkirk Aluminium Smelter

GFG Group pledged on Tuesday to fight back against an ownership transfer of Dunkirk aluminium smelter to American Industrial Partners (AIP) that occurred last week due to GFG Group’s default on a loan to AIP. GFG said in a statement that it will pursue legal avenues against AIP’s transfer, accusing it of acting in bad […]

Rusal And TransContainer Team Up On Sustainable Aluminium Logistics Solutions

Russian aluminium behemoth UC Rusal and DELO Group’s PJSC TransContainer announced an agreement to cooperate on a new low-carbon logistics project aimed at more sustainable methods for transporting aluminium and other raw materials. Rusal indicated that the most important aspect of the new agreement is its commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions throughout aluminium’s entire […]

Sanjeev Gupta Loses Dunkirk Aluminium Smelter To AIP

The largest aluminium smelter in Europe is now owned by American Industrial Partners after the firm bought the asset from struggling Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG Alliance last week. In a statement released to the media, AIP said it gained title to the plant after foreclosing on shares pledged by GFG Alliance to AIP in a mezzanine-financing […]