Rusal Shakes Up Sales Team During Aluminium Mating Season

Rusal Shakes Up Sales Team During Aluminium Mating Season

Russian aluminium titan UC Rusal shook up its sales team earlier this week in an effort at maintaining its book of business during a political climate stacked against all things Russian. Rusal appointed Roman Andryushin as its deputy CEO, sales and marketing...


Constellium To Continue To Buy Aluminium From Rusal Despite Possible Sanctions

European value-added aluminium firm Constellium NV currently has no plans to stop purchasing primary aluminium from UC Rusal despite the near-global condemnation of Russian products due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine in February. Such was the story conveyed to Reuters late last week by a company executive. The unidentified executive told Reuters that aluminium […]

Novelis Says No To Russian Aluminium In 2023

Atlanta’s rolled aluminium firm Novelis Inc. said this week that it will not be buying metal from aluminium suppliers located in the Russian Federation next year. According to financial media reporting, Novelis’s embargo of Russian aluminium includes UC Rusal, the globe’s third-largest supplier of the metal. Rusal produced 3.8 million metric tons of aluminium last […]

Rusal Implements New Corporate Biodiversity Policy

Russian aluminium titan UC Rusal earlier this week adopted a new corporate biodiversity conservation policy that introduces a risk-based approach and mandatory risk assessments during global operations. The firm said the main principles of the policy are the responsible management of biodiversity and the assessment of the effectiveness of the Company’s efforts in terms of […]

Rusal Places First Ever Yuan Bonds In Russia

Aluminium titan U.C. Rusal this week announced the first ever Yuan bond placement in its home country of Russia. Per the firm, the new bond placement enjoyed significant interest, as demand was more than double the amount of bonds on offer. The bonds had a fixed coupon rate of 3.9 percent per annum and a […]

Nornickel’s Potanin May Scuttle US$60 Billion Merger With Rusal: Sources

A major merger between Russian firms Nornickel and aluminium giant Rusal may find itself hamstrung by the person of Vladimir Potanin according to sources who spoke with wire services said this week. According to Reuters, sources claiming insider knowledge say the US$ 60 billion merger may be scuttled before it starts should Potanin choose to […]