Rusal And KUMZ Begin Commercial Production Of New Aluminium-Scandium Alloy

Rusal And KUMZ Begin Commercial Production Of New Aluminium-Scandium Alloy

Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal announced this week the launch of several new products in conjunction with KUMZ made from grade 1581 aluminium-magnesium-scandium alloy, including rolled and pressed semi-finished products. Rusal is producing the new aluminium alloy products at its Krasnoyarsk aluminium...


Moscow In Talks With Aluminium Firms On New Mineral Extraction Tax

Several sources with knowledge of the situation told Reuters this week that talks between the Russian government and producers of aluminium and other metals and fertilizers have yet to yield a consensus on how best to implement Moscow’s new tax structure on the commodities. Half a dozen separate sources told the wire service said that […]

Russian Maritime Register Of Shipping Adds Rusal’s Aluminium-Scandium Alloy

Russian aluminium titan UC Rusal announced earlier this week the inclusion of an aluminium-scandium alloy it developed into the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. This month the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping made the decision to add Rusal’s aluminium-scandium alloy 1581 (Al-Mg-Sс) to its Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships and the […]

Rusal Repays ₽27 Billion In Corporate Debt Ahead Of Schedule

Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal announced last week the repayment of ₽27 billion (US$371 million) in indebtedness on a 2010 loan. Rusal took out the loan eleven years ago from Sberbank. The loan’s principal had elements in both US dollars and Russian rubles, now totaling US$2.1 billion and ₽79.5 billion after the recent repayment. Amortization […]

Rusal To Begin Voluntary Compliance Reporting On Clean Air Activities

Russian aluminium behemoth UC Rusal is marking the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies by announcing a new voluntary report to be produced by the firm on its participation in Russia’s “Clean Air” initiative. Rusal says the report will be a detailed breakdown of its progress on efforts related to the Clean Air […]