Glencore Declining To Renew US$16 Billion Contract With Rusal

Glencore Declining To Renew US$16 Billion Contract With Rusal

In a move that stunned the aluminium world, Glencore plc announced that it is not renewing its US$16 billion contract with Russian aluminium titan UC Rusal. In an interview with Bloomberg, Glencore’s CEO Gary Nagle said it will complete the contract it...


Glencore Rival Trafigura In Talks To Buy Rusal Aluminium

Singapore-based Swiss multinational commodities trader Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd. is discussing the purchase of about 150 thousand metric tons of aluminium from Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal, a move that experts see as a thumbing of the nose to rival commodities trader Glencore plc. According to sources claiming knowledge of the situation who spoke to […]

Biden Administration Imposes Additional 200 Percent Tariff On Russian Aluminium

The United States government has taken the long-expected step of imposing a hefty tariff on primary aluminium and derivative products imported from the Russian Federation last week, opting to place a 200 percent increased tariff on all such imports. The tariff, which will take effect in March, is a de facto ban on Russian aluminium. […]

LME Stores Of Russian Aluminium Hit 42 Percent In January

The London Metal Exchange this week confirmed that its holdings of Russian aluminium rose as expected in January to a total of 42 percent of the aluminium stock in its warehouses. According to a report just released by the LME, of the 152,841 metric tons of primary aluminium in its warehouses, 93,750 metric tons had […]

Rusal Debuts New Low-Carbon Product Utilizing Scrap Aluminium

Russian Federation aluminium giant UC Rusal announced this week that it has begun using end-of-life scrap aluminium for the production of foundry alloys for use in the automotive industry. Per the firm, Primary Equivalent Foundry Alloys (PEFA) consist of one-fifth aluminium scrap that is added into molten aluminium during production. Use of scrap aluminium is […]

Rusal Begins Production Of Master Aluminium Alloys At Krasnoyarsk Smelter

Russian Federation aluminium giant UC Rusal commenced production of master aluminium alloys, which will ultimately become high-tech aluminium alloys, at Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter, filling about half the firm’s demand for master alloys. Krasnoyarsk’s production capacity for master aluminium alloys is over 5 thousand metric tons per annum, which is the product of a US$7.5 million […]