Parting Shot – Obama Administration Takes China’s Aluminium Overcapacity to WTO

Parting Shot – Obama Administration Takes China’s Aluminium Overcapacity to WTO

The Obama Administration initiated a complaint at the World Trade Organization on Thursday over government subsidies given to aluminium producers by the People’s Republic of China. This complaint, which is the sixteenth (and likely final) such complaint against China with the trade...


Petroleum coke market tightens

In 2017, the aluminium industry may face rising production costs due to an expected deficit of pet-coke (petroleum coke). CRU, a London based consultancy, recently warned in a report that the reduction in calciner operating rates will lower China’s CPC (calcined pet-coke) production by 774,000 tonnes in 2017, in comparison to 2016. Meanwhile, Chinese domestic […]

Hongqiao Denies Allegations of Improprieties by Anonymous Short Seller

A short seller has come forward with allegations that China Hongqiao Group is reaping significant profit margins by distributing a hefty and unsustainable debt load to companies it says are intimately related to its founder and other top company men. According to an article in Financial Times, an anonymous short seller has published a report […]

US Commerce Department Says Zhongwang Evaded Sanctions

The International Trade Administration of the United States Department of Commerce announced last week that it believes Chinese aluminium smelter China Zhongwang Holdings has been evading United States trade sanctions. The finding is the latest in a long string of accusations of impropriety leveled at the company this year against its trade practices. The November […]