Chalco Soon To Ship First Bauxite Ore From Guinea Project

Chalco Soon To Ship First Bauxite Ore From Guinea Project

Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd (Chalco) said late last month that it has begun preparing the first shipment from its bauxite operations in Guinea to China via ocean-going vessel. In a statement given to domestic media, Chalco said the initial shipment would...

China Aluminium Demand Growing, Rio Tinto Upbeat

According to research from consulting research center Antaike, Chinese aluminium demand has grown between 150,000 and 200,000 tonnes in the last month due to a coronavirus induced scrap shortage. Antaike points the finger for declining scrap supplies to falling imports and decreases in recycling activity registered since the end of the Lunar New Year. “Price […]

To Cut Or Not To Cut: Chinese Aluminium Smelters Face Growing Dilemma

According to latest figures provided by Aladdiny, Chinese aluminium smelters have axed up to 340,000 tonnes in annual production due to the coronavirus pandemic, mostly by putting ageing potlines under maintenance. The Shanghai aluminium price hit a three-year nadir, hovering around $1600 (11,340 yuan) a tonne on March 24th, while the Middle Kingdom’s annual production […]

Coronavirus Spikes Demand For Aluminium Nose Clips As Production Of Disposable Face Masks Skyrockets

Reverberations from the COVID-19 virus (“coronavirus”) have been felt all along the aluminium value stream in the People’s Republic of China, but the virus has also provided an opportunity for aluminium producers thanks to the exploding consumption of disposable face masks. According to a note published yesterday by metals consultant Aladdiny, the daily production rate […]

CNIA Suggest Aluminium Stockpiling In Response To Coronavirus Woes

In a bid to limit the pressure on aluminium producers in the People’s Republic of China exerted by the quickly-spreading coronavirus, the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) advised stockpiling the metal until the crisis has passed. The CNIA said most of the country’s major suppliers have been able to maintain “normal production,” but demand […]

CNIA Denies Aluminium Dumping Allegations, Citing Better Tech And “Internal” Factors In Europe

The People’s Republic of China’s aluminium trade group denied dumping allegations by their counterparts in the European Union, responding in a statement that it is being unfairly punished for “internal” factors occurring at the complaining companies. “China’s aluminum extrusion products have not caused damage to the EU’s relevant industries and there is no dumping in […]