Russia Boosts Alumina Imports from India Amid Geopolitical Strains

Russia Boosts Alumina Imports from India Amid Geopolitical Strains

In a bid to minimize its dependency on China and adapt to the aftermath of the Ukraine crisis, Russia has amplified its alumina imports from India. This strategic move not only provides Russia’s Siberian plants with the required feedstock but also curtails...


US, EU Aim to Implement New Steel Tariffs, Targeting China and Others

The United States and the European Union are reportedly in discussions about introducing new tariffs on steel imports, focused largely on China’s excess steel production. Bloomberg News reported this week that these tariffs would be primarily aimed at imports from China, which allegedly benefit from non-market practices. However, details regarding which other countries might be […]

Chalco Chair Liu Jianping Resigns Two Years Into Tenure

China’s biggest aluminium producer underwent a major leadership shakeup last week after its chairman resigned amid an investigation into the company’s contractual deals. Liu Jianping resigned as chairman of Aluminium Corporation of China (Chalco) on Wednesday, saying that the move is a “work adjustment” for the executive. A spokesman for Chalco’s parent company Chinalco said […]

Australian And Chinese Scientists Develop New Aluminium Ion Batteries

Researchers in Australia and the People’s Republic of China have taken the first step in developing the first-ever safe, efficient, and non-toxic aqueous aluminium radical battery. In an article in the Journal of American Chemistry, scientists from Flinders University and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University announced the completion of the first stage of developing such a battery. […]

Increased Hydropower In Yunnan Leads To Bump In Aluminium Production

According to an analyst who spoke to Reuters earlier this week, Yunnan’s aluminium smelters are already starting to increase output thanks to an increase in available power in the province. Yunnan is in the midst of recovering from a drought, which took a serious toll on its hydropower output. Yunnan is one of the country’s […]