China’s Power Cuts Reduce Country’s Total Aluminium Capacity By 7 Percent In 2021

China’s Power Cuts Reduce Country’s Total Aluminium Capacity By 7 Percent In 2021

Cutbacks on power supplies in the People’s Republic of China so far this year have translated in a cut of 7 percent of the country’s overall aluminium capacity. Such was the conclusion of a Wood Mackenzie report released yesterday. According to the...


Yunnan Regulators Order Further Aluminium Output Cuts As Winter Approaches

Regulators in Yunnan province have warned aluminium producers powered by hydropower sources to keep average monthly outputs at August levels for the remainder of the year. A document from the Yunnan Development and Reform Commission obtained by Reuters ordered the cuts, which come on top of 1 million metric tons per annum of capacity that […]

Beijing Promises Swift Action Against Speculators Suspected Of Spiking Aluminium Prices

Market regulators in Beijing said earlier this week that aluminium and other commodities suppliers should “reasonably” price their sales, and that speculators and stockpilers would face harsh penalties for actions resulting in price spikes. With prices for aluminium in Shanghai higher than they’ve been in over a decade, the State Administration of Market Regulation said […]

China Completes Another Auction Of Primary Aluminium Reserves

The People’s Republic of China recently completed an auction of state-owned reserves of aluminium and other metals. The auction marks the third sell-off this year as Beijing attempts to rein in high prices for the metals. On Wednesday bidders had an opportunity to bid for 70 thousand metric tons of aluminium, 30 thousand metric tons […]

Aluminium Price Spike At Shanghai Exchange Prompts CNIA Meeting

Citing an “irrational surge” in aluminium prices, the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) met earlier this week to discuss prices reaching highs not seen in over a dozen years. At the Shanghai Futures Exchange, primary aluminium reached US$$3,332 per metric ton, besting August 2008’s previous high. Prices sparked in large part due to fears […]