ABx Designing Mine Lease Application For Binjour Bauxite Project

ABx Designing Mine Lease Application For Binjour Bauxite Project

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) updated investors on the progress of operations at its Binjour Bauxite Project yesterday, noting that positive bulk sampling results has allowed the firm to begin designing the lease on the area. Per the firm, bulk sampling at the...


Metro Mining Plans A$51.4 Million Expansion At Bauxite Hills

Australia’s Metro Mining Ltd. updated investors on the progress of the Stage 2 expansion at its operations at Bauxite Hills yesterday In its update, Metro Mining revealed that the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) is now complete, offering several key conclusions regarding the mine. The study bolstered the economic case for expanding the mine to a […]

FYI Resources Concludes Successful High-Purity Alumina Pilot Plant Trial

Australian resource firm FYI Resources Ltd. announced earlier this week the successful trial production of high-purity alumina (HPA) at its pilot plant in Welshpool, Western Australia. Per the firm, the plant operated continuously from October 2nd through the 9th, meeting or exceeding the firm’s modeled operational performances. FYI says the successful pilot project demonstrates the […]

ALCORE Produces Initial Batch Of Aluminium Fluoride At Research Facilities

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) said today its wholly-owned subsidiary ALCORE Limited has achieved the next major milestone on the road to commercial production and sale of aluminium fluoride (AlF3), namely the small-scale production of AlF3 at its research facilities. ABx says lab production of AlF3 represent several accomplishments important for commercial production. Firstly it demonstrates […]

Metro Mining Reports 7 Percent Bump In Bauxite Production In August

Australia’s Metro Mining Ltd. released production totals for the month of August yesterday. Though shipping totals fell slightly, the firm reported a 7 percent increase of bauxite mined in the month. Last month saw Metro mine 476 thousand wet metric tons (WMT) of bauxite, up from July’s total of 443 thousand WMT, averaging a per-day […]

Altech Reports Stage 1 Construction Nearly Complete At Johor HPA Plant

Australian innovator Altech Chemicals Ltd. updated investors regarding the state of construction at its high-purity alumina plant in Johor, Malaysia late last week. To date, the maintenance workshop building site includes external wall cladding, a ventilation and roller door, and the internal mezzanine level, which Altech plans to utilize for storage of spare parts and […]