CRU Declares 2016 “The Year of Guinea” As It Breaks Down the Global Bauxite Market

CRU Declares 2016 “The Year of Guinea” As It Breaks Down the Global Bauxite Market

CRU issued a report late last week detailing the future of bauxite ore, and, according to CRU’s analysts, the future looks pretty good. Following is an overview of the top bauxite-producing regions and an outlook for the coming months. Indonesia – the...


Bell Bay Wants Answers About Tasmanian Energy Crisis

Tasmania’s Bell Bay Aluminium says that energy shortages have taken a significant toll on the firm’s profit margins and is calling for an investigation regarding the state’s operating procedures, specifically why it was so catastrophic to the island’s energy supply when one power cable to the mainland was severed. Although recent heavy rains have done […]

Australia Faces Increasingly Stiff Competition in the China Bauxite Market

Australia has been a top supplier of bauxite to refineries in the People’s Republic of China for the past several years, but the country is facing increased competition for the Chinese marketplace from Malaysia and Guinea, according to a report compiled by the Australian government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and Sydney’s Westpac Institutional […]

Bell Bay Aluminium to Return to Full Capacity Sooner Than Expected

Bell Bay Aluminium’s General Manager said this week that his firm is glad to be ramping up to full production capacity now that power rationing is over. An extended outage at Basslink, the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cable link connecting the Loy Yang Power Station, Victoria to the George Town substation in northern Tasmania, and […]

Australian Bauxite Completes First Sale to Overseas Cement Company

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced yesterday that the first sale from its Bald Hill mine is now a done deal after having received full payment for the 5,557 metric tons of bauxite on schedule. The sale is an important landmark for the Australian bauxite business, as the Bald Hill mine is the continent’s first new […]

Australian Laborers Rally Seeking Answers from Rio Tinto Subsidiary

Around four dozen Australian Maritime Unionists rallied outside Pacific Aluminium’s Tomago Smelter in New South Wales on Thursday. The assembled protesters sought a meeting with Pacific Aluminium’s chief executive, Matt Howell in order to discuss his company’s outsourcing of labor from native Australians to foreign nationals. The genesis of the disagreement in question was in […]