ALCORE Technology Centre Introduces Advanced Bath Pilot Batch Reactor

ALCORE Technology Centre Introduces Advanced Bath Pilot Batch Reactor

In a notable advancement for the aluminium industry, the state-of-the-art Bath Pilot Batch Reactor has been successfully installed at the ALCORE Technology Centre. This development is a significant step for ABx Group and its 83%-owned subsidiary, ALCORE. The reactor, which is now...


Capral Ships First Aluminium Products Via Electric Truck

Australian aluminium extruder Capral Aluminium made delivery of its first aluminium delivery via Fuso eCanter electric truck earlier this week. The delivery, made by Goldstar Transport, consisted of aluminium extrusions for its customer Bull Motor Bodies. “Sustainability is very much at the forefront at Bull Motor Bodies,” explained Bull Motor Bodies General Manager, Simon Rawnsley, […]

South32 Boosts Aluminium Production By 15% In FY2023

Australian metals miner South32 reported results for the fiscal year ending on June 30. The difficult market for raw materials, coupled with a rise in materials costs and logistical difficulties occasioned by the Russian invasion of Ukraine drew down the firm’s bottom line by almost two-thirds. For the full 2023 fiscal year, South32 showed US$7,429 […]

Alcoa of Australia Inks 9-Year Deal To Power Portland Aluminium Through 2035

Alcoa Corporation’s joint partnership Alcoa of Australia (Alcoa) said this week that they have signed a new nine-year agreement with AGL Energy Limited (AGL) to supply Victoria’s Portland Aluminium Smelter with about half its necessary power requirements. The agreement is for a total of 300 megawatts and is scheduled to begin in the summer of […]

Australian Bauxite To Start New Rare Earth Sample Drilling At Deep Leads

Australian Bauxite said this week that it has begun further drilling to determine if ionic adsorption clay (IAC) mineralization continues further into the Deep Leads Project. ABx says the next set of 18 drill holes will determine whether the area has similar rare earth grades as its current northernmost drillhole. The sample obtained from that […]

Public Comment Period Opens On Alcoa’s Bauxite Operations In Western Australia

Public comment on the possibility of Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) carrying out an environmental impact assessment on Alcoa’s current and next five-year plans for its mines in the state’s southwestern portion. A third party forwarded on Alcoa’s 2022-2026 and 2023-2027 Mining and Management Programs (MMPs) to the EPA in February. Public comment on […]