US Firm Offers Large-Scale DC Solar Collection System Using Aluminium Wire

US Firm Offers Large-Scale DC Solar Collection System Using Aluminium Wire

Power-management company Eaton announced a new direct-current collection system that reduces costs and installation time in large-scale solar projects by, among other innovations, use of aluminium wire. The new Crouse-Hinds® series is expected to lower labor and material costs by up to...


Texas Duo Begin Marketing All-Aluminium Guitars

A man in northeast Texas, frustrated with the failings of wooden guitars, began making guitars out of aluminium. Six hundred sixty degrees later, Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson created a new way of making the ubiquitous rock instrument, and 660˚ Guitars was born. Emory, whose family owns a machine shop, used the skills he’d developed […]

US Military Contractor Develops Improved Laser Using Aluminium Composite Crystal

A United States defense contractor has developed a laser amplifier using Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) nanopowder. The new amplifier allows for rapid target engagement, low cost, and a high quantity of rounds. nGimat, Co., a contractor to the Air Force Research Laboratory, developed the technology on a small scale with financial assistance from the United […]

Daimler Introduces New Four-Cylinder Aluminium Engine

German automaker Daimler AG announced the more lightweight, compact, economical, and powerful OM 654, the first all-aluminium four-cylinder diesel engine on Monday. The new engine would see its first use in the Mercedez-Benz E-Class E 220 d this spring. “The new family of engines embodies over 80 years of Mercedes-Benz diesel know-how. The new premium […]

Novelis, Jaguar Land Rover Develop Aluminium Alloy with Up To 75% Recycled Content

Aluminium rolled products producer Novelis announced yesterday that its new aluminium alloy containing up to seventy-five percent recycled content has been successfully used in structural components in consumer cars and trucks. The alloy, known as RC5754, was developed in conjunction with Jaguar Land Rover and is the basis for the latter’s REALCAR (REcycled ALuminium CAR) […]

Thirty-Foot Aluminium Nautilus Lets Visitors Listen to NASA Satellites

Taking a cue from a boyhood experience listening to the ocean in a seashell, a Brooklyn, New York team of artists created a much larger aluminium version designed to listen to satellites orbiting the Earth. Jason Klimoski and Lesley Chang, who are together the art team of studioKCA, were commissioned by the United States government […]