Awaiting US Tariffs on Aluminium Imports

Awaiting US Tariffs on Aluminium Imports

US tariffs for imported aluminium are looming and seem increasingly unavoidable, as China continues its record levels of production. The latest figures coming out of China on aluminium production and exports are discouraging for those who expected China would start decreasing production,...


India needs to expand its secondary aluminium production to tap into global markets

In the worldwide aluminium business, the focus is increasingly shifting to downstream activities. The processing of primary aluminium in secondary smelters for value addition churns out useful, semi-finished products like rolled extrusions, fabrications and also finished items that find applications in automobile & transportation, construction, packaging, power and consumer products industries. In terms of supply […]

Aluminium Wrap – CRU’s 22nd World Aluminium Conference

CRU Group held its 22nd World Aluminium Conference in London between May 3-5. The event has long been among the premier events on the commodities calendar, and 2017 was no exception. This year’s focus was sustainability in the aluminium industry, investigating the delicate but important interplay between economic and environmental considerations, the effect of such […]

Aluminium prices in 2017 – the only way is up?

  – A closer look at Reuters’ aluminium price poll – The price outlook remains positive despite temporary fall expected in the Q3   Analysts are pretty divided when it comes to the direction aluminium prices will go in the second half of the year. They can be split into two groups: on one hand, […]

Is Winter Coming for Iceland’s Aluminium Smelters?

Despite its location far north of the ecliptic and far distant from the world’s major industrial centers, Iceland has developed a robust and inexpensive energy infrastructure. The island’s location astride two major diverging tectonic plates and atop a massive mantle plume supplies it with an essentially inexhaustible supply of geothermal energy. Centuries-long use of hot […]

Aluminium use in the production of trains steams ahead

Much like in the auto industry, steel and aluminium are the dominant materials used in the construction of train bodies, including the train sideboards, roof, floor panels and cant rails, which connect the floor of the train to the sidewall. Aluminium provides a number of benefits to high-speed trains: its relative lightness compared to steel, easier […]