Aluminium Combines Now: While ALRO Flourishes, KAP Flounders

Aluminium Combines Now: While ALRO Flourishes, KAP Flounders

While seemingly very different, Romania’s ALRO and Montenegro’s KAP – Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica – share one key number: $570 million. For ALRO, that is the amount of investment it has received since its 2002 privatisation. For KAP, that same number represents the...


Long Read: Hongqiao’s Trials and Tribulations in 2017

The world’s largest aluminium firm has had a challenging year. From a series of damaging anonymous reports from short sellers to seeing its stock crashing down as a result, 2017 has been a minefield for China Hongqiao Group. According to critics, the company is scarcely out of danger, as it has a myriad of explosive […]

Low-carbon Aluminium Boosts Industry’s Green Credentials

Global warming remains one of the leading critical global issues – emphasised in the last Paris accord and this month’s COP23 summit in Bonn. The carbon equivalent (CE), as a measure of how much CO2 is produced by any activity, is now accepted as a crucial major index of environmental performance, not least for the […]

Why Trimet Aluminium is betting on EnPot’s virtual battery

Trimet Aluminium SE is not just Germany’s biggest aluminium producer and one of the leading players in Europe, it is also a hotbed for innovation. The 30-year old family business made news earlier this year after it became the first company to roll out a revolutionary new “virtual battery” system that opens a new front […]

Will Aluminij Mostar survive?

Aluminij Mostar d.d., an aluminium smelter based in Bosnia & Herzegovina, celebrated this year twenty years since restarting production in 1997, after being severely damaged in the Bosnian war (1992-1995). But few had any reason to be cheerful: the smelter is going through an existential crisis that could very well seal its fate. Blighted by […]