US-China trade spat could hollow out India’s downstream aluminium

US-China trade spat could hollow out India’s downstream aluminium

Mounting concerns over the trade war between the US and China have sent jitters across global financial and commodity markets. The imposition of billions of dollars worth of tariffs by Washington on Beijing, followed by the knee-jerk retaliation by the Middle Kingdom...


U.S. Sanctions May Mean A Lonely Mating Season For Rusal

The yearly highlight of the global aluminium industry is set to begin on Wednesday in Berlin: Metal Bulletin’s 33rd International Aluminium Conference. The three-day meeting is typically considered the ground for the so-called “mating season,” that time of the year when deals are struck between aluminium suppliers and their buyers for what sales of aluminium above […]

The Great Comeback of EVs

In an era of rapid expansion of electric vehicles (EVs), not many people know that more than 100 years ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, EVs commanded 30% of the automobile market. Actually, during the first decades of the century, EVs dominated U.S. roads, before innovations improved motor vehicles and significantly reduced costs […]

Duty tweak can power India’s secondary aluminium growth

India’s secondary aluminium makers are not perturbed by the import levies announced by the Donald Trump administration. What has disconcerted the fragmented industry is the inverted duty structure perpetuated by the federal government in the country. What’s more, the unabated exports of primary aluminium both unwrought metal and some rolled products and ingots have unnerved […]

Why Aluminium Prices Could Still Go Up in H2 2018

Base metals prices have been under pressure in recent weeks due to the looming trade war between the US and the rest of the world. Though imposing unilateral tariffs on Chinese aluminium, steel and many other goods was not a surprise per se, tariffs on steel and especially aluminium coming from U.S. allies, as well […]

What to Expect From the Can Market in 2018 and Beyond

The global demand for beverage cans will grow between 3.7 – 4% in 2018, and a similar growth trend is expected over the next five years. This growth is driven largely by increased consumption in emerging markets, most of which will take place in China, and the rest of Asia, Europe and South America. At […]