U.S. Sanctions May Mean A Lonely Mating Season For Rusal

U.S. Sanctions May Mean A Lonely Mating Season For Rusal

The yearly highlight of the global aluminium industry is set to begin on Wednesday in Berlin: Metal Bulletin’s 33rd International Aluminium Conference. The three-day meeting is typically considered the ground for the so-called “mating season,” that time of the year when deals are...


What to Expect From the Can Market in 2018 and Beyond

The global demand for beverage cans will grow between 3.7 – 4% in 2018, and a similar growth trend is expected over the next five years. This growth is driven largely by increased consumption in emerging markets, most of which will take place in China, and the rest of Asia, Europe and South America. At […]

How is India Affected by Turmoil in Aluminium Markets?

The repercussions of the policies pursued by the Donald Trump administration on aluminium markets are too pronounced to be ignored. First, the US treasury invoked Section 232 of its Trade Expansion Act to clamp 10 per cent import duties on aluminium and extending trade barriers to some of its closest allies, including Canada, Mexico, and […]

Alumina Costs Are Hurting Aluminium Smelters

Even if the London Metal Exchange (LME) three-month aluminium price hit a seven-year high of US$ 2718 per tonne on April 19, primary aluminium smelters around the world had little reason to cheer. Why? Because input costs, and alumina above all, have also increased dramatically. Indeed, alumina prices reached an all-time high in the second […]

A Closer Look at Slovenia’s Impol Group

Impol Group, Slovenia’s biggest producer of flat rolled and extruded aluminium products, has big ambitions for its newly established subsidiary Impol-TLM, in the coastal town of Šibenik, Croatia. Impol initially rented the facilities of bankrupted TLM Aluminium in March 2016, and restarted operations, before buying the company last October for €9.8 million. Impol-TLM, along with […]

UC Rusal Sanctions: Dangerous Games on Aluminium Markets

In early April, right as LME aluminium prices slipped below US$ 2000/tonne and heralded further falls, the U.S. Treasury Department announced fresh sanctions against Russia. The U.S. imposed sanctions against 24 Russian businessmen, striking at allies of President Vladimir Putin in a quite unexpected and aggressive move to punish Moscow for its alleged meddling in […]