Aluminium Market Update: Why Are Aluminium Prices Lagging Behind Other Base Metals?

Aluminium Market Update: Why Are Aluminium Prices Lagging Behind Other Base Metals?

Base metals prices have recovered significantly since January’s lows after news that the US and China are inching closer to signing a trade deal. According to reports, both sides will lower or remove tariffs upon signing a trade agreement, but it is...


Unequal Loads – Why China Must Include Aluminium In Its ETS

Electricity has long been the largest single cost associated with the production of primary aluminium. Though understood in theory for many years, the process of smelting aluminium was not economically viable prior to the advent and availability of large-scale electrical production. Even if energy requirements have fallen over the years due to advances in technology, […]

Auto Industry Looks to Aluminum Extrusions for Increased Performance and Cost-Effective Solutions

Automakers are employing an effective way to slim down electric vehicles, just as they have lightened their traditional combustion-engine lineup. They’re using more high-strength aluminum to provide the needed lightweighting. And they intend to continue to use the distinct capabilities of extruded solutions to make their vehicles more energy efficient, without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. […]

Why Poland’s Aluminium Industry is Growing

Poland, one of the biggest economies in Central Europe, is also home to one of the fastest developing aluminium markets in the region. The country’s aluminium consumption grew by about 10 percent in 2018, reaching 1.43 million tons. According to information published by “Nowa Stal” Magazine, the driving force behind this growth came from secondary […]