Power perspectives – U.S. industry’s electricity position demands sensible energy policy

Power perspectives – U.S. industry’s electricity position demands sensible energy policy

There was a widespread power cut in my area today. During the hours – and hours – that there was no lighting, no hot water, no tea, no TV or internet, I started to think more about our massive reliance on power...


Mixed fortunes for U.S. industry – facing challenges on a broader front

The primary aluminium sector in the USA has been decimated over the past 10 years, with a succession of smelter closures and heavy job losses. Looking for the root causes, accusing fingers have pointed towards China and its unfair industry trading position supported by its national government’s policies. The debate continues – spearheaded by the […]

Aluminium Luminaries – Zhang Shiping

Zhang Shiping is Chairman and majority shareholder of China Hongqiao Group, which is currently the world’s largest producer of aluminium. He was born in Weiqiao, in the northwest of China’s Shandong province in February, 1946. In 1966, during the Cultural Revolution’s “Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside Movement,” Zhang was one of […]

Global can stock market moving East

Global demand for beverage cans will grow~3-4% in 2016 and a similar growth trend is expected up until the end of this decade. This growth is being driven largely by increased consumption in emerging markets. Together, the US and Canadian markets use approximately 94 billion aluminium cans per year, making North America the largest market […]

Global aluminium smelters’ production costs on decline

Production costs for smelters are highly dependent on the global economic environment, which affects oil prices, and the prices of other commodities, including those that create smelters’ input costs. For instance, during the global economic crisis in 2009, production costs for aluminium smelters decreased between 30 and 40% compared to the record high costs in […]