EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Points to Much Larger Fake Semi Trade Relocating to Vietnam

EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Points to Much Larger Fake Semi Trade Relocating to Vietnam

An article in the Wall Street Journal late last month brought to the wider public the issue of aluminium “transshipment,” or the practice of exporting semi-formed aluminium parts to a third country to be re-melted into ingots and sold as raw aluminium...


Preparing India for wider aluminium use

The case for embracing aluminium on a mammoth scale in India should now be seen as a futuristic growth strategy rather than a half baked gamble. With its immense recyclability, lightweight character and ability to blend with an array of metals, aluminium should always be the preferred metal of choice. This is even more true […]

US government supports advanced manufacturing – aluminium initiatives benefit and make further progress

Set to come to the end of its second term in November, President Obama’s Administration recently highlighted America’s capacity for creativity and invention and how innovative progress over the past years has helped continue to make the national economy particularly strong and durable. Notably, several aluminium projects are playing a key role. The President outlined […]

Baby Steps in China’s Long March to Rein In Overcapacity?

Inner Mongolia’s provincial government recently counseled Inner Mongolia East high-tech Materials Co., Ltd. to cease production on its greenfield one million metric tons per annum smelter project, which had only begun within the past several weeks. In its announcement of the plant’s immediate shutdown, the government stressed the idea that economic development must be conducted […]

Copper vs. Aluminium – substitution slows but continues

At the beginning of this century, prices for copper and aluminium were relatively similar and each metal had a dominant area of application: copper could be found in cables and wires (now approximately 60%) and aluminium in construction and transport (51%). However, in 2005, aluminium started to replace copper more intensively, and by 2007, price […]

Liu Zhongtian – A Magnet for Controversy

The Chinese aluminium magnate Liu Zhongtian has been busy over the past several months. His latest move, namely his firm’s purchase of US firm Aleris, came as a shock to many in the market for a variety of reasons. Zhongwang USA LLC, an investment company owned by China Zhongwang’s parent company Zhongwang International Group Ltd, […]