The Thirteenth Element and 3D Printing

The Thirteenth Element and 3D Printing

The demand for aluminium has risen from many quarters – automotive, aviation, construction, infrastructure, energy transmission, and many more. Among the more exciting (and perhaps less talked-about) avenues of demand for the versatile metal is that of additive manufacturing, or, as it...


Metal Fatigue – Has China Hongqiao’s Weiqiao Model Run Its Course?

The world’s largest aluminium company finds its finances again in question after being suspended from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. China Hongqiao Group Limited saw the trading of its shares halted Wednesday morning, one day after announcing that the publication of its annual results would be delayed. According to the relevant filing, Hongqiao advised the […]

Why aluminium prices are set to increase in H2 2017

After a strong start in the first two months of the year, base metals prices have weakened recently in expectation of U.S. interest rate increase this month, which would drive up the US dollar. Speculations that China will cut aluminium and alumina production in several provinces to cope with air pollution were behind the 12% […]

Creating value out of aluminium waste in India

Disposal of aluminium industry waste, chiefly the bauxite residue called red mud is a worldwide concern. The high alkalinity of red mud and the presence of toxic materials in it pose a serious ecological hazard. Which is why the aluminium industry has been brainstorming to overcome the problem associated with red mud disposal. The remedies […]

Flying cars – from design fantasy to production reality

Good news for aluminium technology? Given that the automotive and aviation sectors both remain major markets for aluminium technologies worldwide, any development that spans both – such as flying cars – is worthy of note. Although cars that fly, or alternatively road-able aircraft and hovercars, have for years featured prominently in fantasy and science fiction […]