The Net-Zero Shift Starts With Low Carbon Aluminium

The Net-Zero Shift Starts With Low Carbon Aluminium

2020 was supposed to be “year of climate action”, with the Glasgow COP26 acting as a major milestone for both businesses and policymakers to accelerate decarbonization efforts. However, with COVID-19 disrupting lives and economies in an unprecedented manner, countries across the globe...


International Aluminium 2019 Conference – Key Takeaways

The FastmaketsMB aluminium conference is the sequel to the Metal Bulletin aluminium conferences, which have traditionally been one of oldest and biggest aluminium events in the world. This year, the conference was held in Athens between 23 and 25 September and was marketed as the largest aluminium event in Europe, with nearly 400 registered delegates. […]

Electric Vehicles (EVs): outlook for sales and aluminium demand

After last year’s electric vehicles (EVs) sales increase of 72% year/year, to 2.02 million, this year’s growth is expected to slow to around 3 million EVs sold, or around 50% increase y/y. But there’s an important caveat: the figure operates under the assumption that sales will recover in the second half of the year, as […]

Are Things Finally Looking Up For The Aluminium Market?

Base metals prices recovered sharply in the first half of September, after a seasonal slump in August, as investors and traders hope that easing trade tensions between U.S. and China might boost demand for metals in the remaining part of the year. However, analysts are mostly cautious, expecting a further slowdown of the global economy […]