Coronavirus-Proof Aluminium: Canada’s A3 Surfaces Promises Solution

Coronavirus-Proof Aluminium: Canada’s A3 Surfaces Promises Solution

A Quebec company claims to have devised a process that could render aluminium products COVID-19 proof. A3 Surfaces has been working since 2009 on a technology that incorporates and seals antimicrobial agents in aluminium surfaces and products. If it receives regulatory approval,...


DoC Initiates Investigation into Aluminium Sheet from 18 Countries

With aluminium prices at multi-year lows, a petition signed by the US Aluminium Association and a number of industry players such as Aleris, Arconic, Constellium and Novelis was approved by the Department of Commerce on March 31st. They allege dumping margins raging from 12.5% to 151%. The Department headed by Wilbur Ross announced the initiation […]

ShFE Aluminium Stocks Decline and CRU Predicts 4 Million Tonne Surplus In 2020

Data shows that aluminium stocks on the Shanghai Futures Exchange (ShFE) have fallen for the first time in 2020, going down by 5,922 tons, or 1.1% from the previous week. However, as the coronavirus outbreak spreading across the global has weakened demand, China is likely to see its aluminium exports decline. Wen Xianjun, vice chairman […]

To Cut Or Not To Cut: Chinese Aluminium Smelters Face Growing Dilemma

According to latest figures provided by Aladdiny, Chinese aluminium smelters have axed up to 340,000 tonnes in annual production due to the coronavirus pandemic, mostly by putting ageing potlines under maintenance. The Shanghai aluminium price hit a three-year nadir, hovering around $1600 (11,340 yuan) a tonne on March 24th, while the Middle Kingdom’s annual production […]

Coronavirus Moves LME Trading Online, Aluminium Crashes

For the first time since World War II, the London Metal Exchange temporarily closed trading in response to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, moving its activity online. This follows after it moved last week to Chelmsford, a small town in Essex, in order to “minimize the transit” of employees and traders through London. On March […]