BYD Showcases Popular All-Aluminium 12-Meter eBus At Stockholm Conference

BYD Showcases Popular All-Aluminium 12-Meter eBus At Stockholm Conference

Chinese vehicle manufacturer BYD Co Ltd showcased its all-aluminium 12-meter (39-foot) eBus last week at Stockholm’s UITP Global Public Transport Summit.

The model is an all-electric, emissions-free eBus that is produced in trim levels with either two or three doors. The Hungarian-built bus boasts a capacity of 80 passengers and is the firm’s most popular model. BYD says the unit has caught on with local public transportation authorities throughout the Europe.

BYD Europe’s Managing Director Isbrand Ho elaborated upon the company’s popularity across the continent.

“Our increasing presence in Europe make for some impressive figures. More than 700 BYD eBuses in service or on order around Europe, a share of more than 20% of the European market and the 50,000th eBus to roll off the production line – the move to emissions-free transport is gathering pace, and it is the bus sector that’s leading the way. BYD is at the forefront of electric mobility for the bus sector [with] proven technology that delivers safe, reliable performance – characteristics that are essential for bus fleet operators of any size. Our huge expertise in the installation of charging infrastructures means BYD customers receive a total solution for electric operations.”

The new 12-meter eBus’s all-aluminium construction translates into a significantly lighter overall curb weight while offering increased structural strength, better sealing performance, and robust anti-corrosion properties.

Meanwhile, the electric motor boasts a 348-kWh battery that gives it a range of 250 km (155 miles). The drivetrain consists of a wheel-hub motor, eliminating weighty components like axles, driveshafts, and gearboxes. The units may be charged via AC or DC chargers installed and maintained by BYD.

“While we continue to develop eBus products to suit customer requirements, we are seeing a groundswell in demand for emissions-free transport from the general public,” Ho continued. “It is the people that’s driving the change. I’m very pleased that BYD has the products, the charging-infrastructure and, importantly, the long-term business plan to satisfy this demand and to support our commitment to delivering 100% emissions-free eBus transport to European towns and cities.”