British Firm Completes Aluminium Ship Dedicated to Offshore Wind Farm Service

British Firm Completes Aluminium Ship Dedicated to Offshore Wind Farm Service
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK, Scroby Sands wind farm. Source: Wikimedia

A shipyard in Hull, England has launched its first aluminium catamaran for service in the offshore wind farm industry.

MMS Ship Repair & Dry Dock Co. Ltd completed the vessel, named MMS Crusader, at its location on the river Humber. The firm says it is capable of fuel or crew transfer, and dive support or guard work, among other roles necessary for tending to offshore windmills.

“We originally started planning the design work for the MMS Crusader in 2012,” explained Rob Langton, managing director of MMS. “This involved engaging an Australian company of naval architects whom we felt had the most experience in carrying out the work for us.”

“Because this was the first aluminium vessel with such a high specification we had built, the designers arranged a visit for us to look at a shipyard in Tasmania, which specialises in building similar vessels,” he went on.

In order to construct the ship, a new building facility was constructed, and the firm’s shipbuilders were trained in special aluminium fabrication and welding techniques.

“This first vessel has without doubt been a technical challenge for us due to the very high standards required by the Norwegian Classification Society who oversaw and passed the vessel fit for purpose,” Langdon explained.

He said that it attracted substantial interest when it was exhibited at a recent trade show. Langdon went on to say that the ship will be ready to go into service next month.

“The MMS Crusader is capable of carrying out offshore survey work, supply of containers, equipment and fuel and can accommodate up to 16 personnel, making this a truly multi-purpose vessel,” Langton said.

“Because MMS can offer clients a full logistics package, including our own support base in Alexandra Dock, we aim to operate the vessel from one of the Humber ports, preferably Hull or Grimsby,” he concluded.