BMW Debuts New Recycled Aluminium Alloy Wheel For MINI Cooper

BMW Debuts New Recycled Aluminium Alloy Wheel For MINI Cooper

German automaker BMW Group said last week that its new MINI Cooper SE Convertible will feature alloy wheels made entirely from recycled aluminium.

The model in question, which consumes 17.2kWh/100 km while releasing 0 g/km of carbon, will be the first series model to be offered with recycled aluminium alloy wheels. The new wheels will be provided by wheel manufacturer Ronal and will not only conserve raw materials, but will reduce power usage in the overall supply chain.

Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President Development Automated Driving said in a press release that the addition of recycled aluminium alloy wheels is part of a wider push to increase sustainability across the board.

“As premium manufacturer we entrenched sustainability in the development from very early on. The light alloy wheels of the fully electric open-top four-seater are a prime example of sustainable resource use, and they represent an important milestone on the road to circular economy for the BMW Group.”

BMW is working toward implementing a circular economy by using four principles, namely Re:think, Re:duce, Re:use and Re:cycle. The new recycled aluminium alloy wheels are part of the world’s first open-top fully electric premium car to be produced in a small series.

The firm notes that combining fully-recycled aluminium alloy with other innovations like aerodynamic metal inlays and a redesigned center cap. The new design meets BMW’s quality standards as well.