Beijing Names 26 New Approved Importers Of Scrap Aluminium

Beijing Names 26 New Approved Importers Of Scrap Aluminium

The government of the People’s Republic of China named a second set of over two dozen overseas aluminium and copper scrap companies on Friday who will now be permitted to import the same to its shores.

The China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association made the announcement that 26 new foreign companies would be given a waiver from the national ban on importing solid waste, which went into effect at the first of this year.

Among the companies granted a waiver to import aluminium and copper scrap were Golden Bridge International Group and Omnisource LLC. Suppliers from Great Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, and Malaysia were given clearance to import aluminum and copper scrap, as well as suppliers from several other companies.

Ningbo Jintian Copper Group Co Ltd and Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co Ltd were among the more prominent aluminium and copper scrap importers given a waiver by the CNIA.

The Association said objections to the second set of approved copper and aluminium scrap importers could be made through Tuesday.

This week’s addition joins nine suppliers and sixteen importers that were approved to import scrap aluminium and copper as of the end of last year. The listing means that the firms’ imported material would spend less time at customs as well.

Last year the Middle Kingdom imported over 943 thousand metric ton of copper scrap and over 824 thousand metric tons of scrap aluminium.