Ball Teams Up With Boomerang Water To Provide Refillable Aluminium Bottled Water

Ball Teams Up With Boomerang Water To Provide Refillable Aluminium Bottled Water

Colorado packaging firm Ball Corporation is joining with Boomerang Water LLC to package drinking water in 100-percent recyclable aluminium water bottles in a bid to reduce the carbon emissions and overall wasted material involved in the drinking water sector.

Ball announced the partnership with Boomerang Water earlier this week, saying that Ball would provide aluminium bottles for the state-of-the-art Boomerang Bottling System. The system washes, rinses, filters, fills and caps fresh water in refillable, returnable and recyclable Ball aluminum bottles, eliminating the substantial carbon production and wasted packaging generated by disposable plastic bottles.

Boomerang Water co-founder Jason Dibble said in a press release that reusability is the foundation upon which the entire system rests.

“Boomerang is delivering industry-leading innovation with its bottling system that can wash, fill and cap more than 3,000 bottles of fresh, premium water per eight-hour shift. The whole idea and concept is the reusability and circularity of the aluminum bottles paired with a Boomerang system. Ball’s aluminum bottles are the perfect complement for our Boomerang Bottling System since they can get re-used over and over and ultimately recycled easily at the end of their life.”

Ball notes the circular nature of aluminium beverage packaging, as aluminium is fully and infinitely recyclable and can be moved from used beverage container to a new aluminium bottle in as short as 60 days.

Jay Billings, president of Ball Aerosol Packaging, said his firm is eager to make a difference in beverage containers.

“At Ball, our ambition is to never stop leveraging our years of beverage packaging expertise to deliver new, innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers. We aim to be a strategic supplier to innovators, like Boomerang, that are finding new ways to bring consumers and businesses sustainable options and make a difference for the planet. We look forward to sharing more on the impact of our alliance.”

Ball notes that the move to greater sustainability has ramped up in recent years, with studies showing that up to 85 percent of today’s consumers have begun to shop for more sustainable products.