Ball Corporation Joins First Movers Coalition To Promote Decarbonization In Aluminium Sector

Ball Corporation Joins First Movers Coalition To Promote Decarbonization In Aluminium Sector

Colorado’s Ball Corporation announced last week that it has joined the First Movers Coalition alongside compatriot aluminium firm Novelis Inc., and it urges other firms in its sector to do the same.

Ball Corporation said in a press release that it will lead collaboration with other stakeholders in the sector to seek out and develop methods and processes for circularity in aluminium usage. To show its commitment to the cause, both Bell and Novelis have committed to buying at least a tenth of its aluminium as near-zero-carbon aluminium. They have also pledged to insure that at least half of the aluminium they use is recycled.

Ron Lewis, Chief Operating Officer, Global Beverage Packaging, Ball Corporation, said in a press release that joining the First Movers Coalition is critical in helping the firm meet its sustainability goals.

“We are proud to team up with the First Movers Coalition and partner with Novelis to drive meaningful change needed throughout our industry. We know that in order to achieve the deep decarbonization needed, it will require new and more effective ways of collaboration and transformation across the value chain. We believe that a faster decarbonization pathway for aluminum beverage packaging is possible when we combine corporate commitments, government policies like Extended Producer Responsibility and Deposit Return Systems, and innovative technologies in the primary aluminum supply chain.”

Steve Fisher, Novelis CEO, reiterated the importance of sustainable aluminium.

“Novelis is eager to continue our efforts to decarbonize the aluminum industry, as well as support decarbonization in numerous adjacent industries relying on aluminum. Recycling aluminum is far less energy-intensive than producing primary aluminum, and we want that energy to come from ‘sustainable’ sources. Aluminum has the potential to reach a near zero-carbon footprint, but it requires investment in clean energy and re-doubling of our commitment to recycling. Partnerships like the First Movers Coalition can spur those investments by supporting an emerging market for developing technologies. Novelis welcomes the opportunity to join FMC and accelerate innovation in our industry.”

Based in suburban Denver, Ball Corporation produces consumer food and beverage packaging for customers around the world. The firm employs 24,300 individuals and boasted net sales of US$13.8 billion in 2021.