Ball Corporation Breaks Ground On Brazil’s First Aluminium Circular Economy Lab

Ball Corporation Breaks Ground On Brazil’s First Aluminium Circular Economy Lab
Exterior design of VADELATA for the Planet Lab in Fernando de Noronha. (Credit: Ball Corporation) Source: Ball Corporation

Earlier this week, Colorado’s Ball Corporation revealed plans to build the first circular economy lab in Brazil on an island dedicated to sustainable tourism.

Per the firm, the VADELATA project will be built on Fernando de Noronha and will provide the island with a centralized location for the collection and recycling of aluminium cans. Construction began this week on the facility, which Ball expects to have completed by the end of next year.

Fauze Villatoro, Commercial and Sustainability Vice President, Ball Corporation South America said in a related press release that VADELATA is part of the firm’s wider sustainability goals.

“As part of the company’s recently announced 2030 sustainability goals and industry vision for circularity, the innovative VADELATA for the Planet Lab will demonstrate what’s possible when we invest in and prioritize aluminum recycling. The resources within this lab will allow us to create a circular economy that will make a difference in the lives of residents and tourists in Brazil and contribute to a more sustainable planet. By building a more innovative and effective way to collect beverage aluminum cans and educating consumers about the importance of recycling, we can help solve the packaging waste crisis.”

Guilherme Rocha, Fernando de Noronha Mayor, said the initiative dovetailed with the objectives of the island community as well.

“This partnership with Ball is an important step to our great sustainability vision for the island. By hosting the first circular economy laboratory in Brazil, Noronha reaffirms its commitment to the environment, a priority of the State Government. The lab brings a concept that needs to be increasingly disseminated across the country and around the world, combining care for the environment and income generation for the local economy.”

The facility will ultimately cover 43,000 square feet and feature a drop-off area for aluminium cans, processing facilities, conference rooms, and an exhibition area. Profits made at the facility will be reinvested on the island either on improvements and maintenance of the facility or on education programs.

Based in suburban Denver, Ball Corporation produces consumer food and beverage packaging for customers around the world. The firm employs 17,500 individuals and boasted net sales of US$11.5 billion in 2019.