Ball Corp Partners With Blue Ocean To Provide Aluminium Cups To Walmart and Sam’s Club

Ball Corp Partners With Blue Ocean To Provide Aluminium Cups To Walmart and Sam’s Club

Colorado’s Ball Corporation announced on Monday a partnership with top omnichannel solutions provider Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions to introduce its infinitely recyclable aluminium beverage cup into Walmart and Sam’s Club locations throughout the United States.

Debuted first in September last year, Ball Corporation’s aluminium cups are completely recyclable and can be recycled infinitely without any loss of quality. In addition to sustainability advantages, Ball says the new cups are superior to cups made from other materials, providing a better experience for retailers, entertainment venues, and other institutions seeking an improved beverage experience.

“We are thrilled about this new relationship with Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions,” noted Ball Corporation’s senior vice president and chief operating officer of Global Beverage Packaging Daniel W. Fisher. “Our research shows that consumers are hungry for a more sustainable cup solution and Blue Ocean’s expertise in this industry will enable us to bring the Ball Aluminum Cup directly to them.”

“Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions is very excited to partner with Ball on this game changing category innovation that will have a tremendous sustainability impact on the environment,” opined Blue Ocean’s vice president of sales Biffy Fletcher. “We also know customers will be surprised and delighted by the unique drink experience this fantastic product offers.”

Ball notes that fully three-quarters of all primary aluminium produced to date is still in circulation. The firm hopes to best the aluminium can recycling rate with its new aluminium cups, which globally stands at about 69 percent.

Based in suburban Denver, Ball Corporation produces consumer food and beverage packaging for customers around the world. The firm employs 17,500 individuals and boasted net sales of US$11.6 billion in 2018.