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Creating value out of aluminium waste in India

Creating value out of aluminium waste in India

Disposal of aluminium industry waste, chiefly the bauxite residue called red mud is a worldwide concern. The high alkalinity of red mud and the presence of toxic materials in it pose a serious ecological hazard. Which is why the aluminium industry has...


R&D can power low carbon value growth for Indian firms

The world over, aluminium companies are training their guns on a low carbon growth strategy. With emission reductions topping agendas at international conclaves, aluminium producers, upstream and downstream- are turning more to innovation to build a greener portfolio of products. The trigger for a shift to less polluting capacities is taking place more so in […]

Value addition can bail out debt laden Indian producers

For primary aluminium producers in India saddled with humongous debt, shifting focus to value added products is the new buzzword, and understandably so. Volatile LME prices have eroded much of the margins of top producers like Aditya Birla Group owned Hindalco and London listed metal conglomerate Vedanta’s aluminium operations in India. Between them, the two […]

Preparing India for wider aluminium use

The case for embracing aluminium on a mammoth scale in India should now be seen as a futuristic growth strategy rather than a half baked gamble. With its immense recyclability, lightweight character and ability to blend with an array of metals, aluminium should always be the preferred metal of choice. This is even more true […]

Will Indian auto manufacturers shift gears to aluminium?

Aluminium use in automotive bodies is gaining traction in US and EU markets. The outlook for aluminium applications is also robust as auto Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) embrace the metal on a wider scale thanks to its inherent strengths. But are their cousins in India geared up to ride the aluminium wave? For now, aluminium […]