Constellium To Provide Aluminium To Mercedes-Benz For C-Class Line

Constellium To Provide Aluminium To Mercedes-Benz For C-Class Line

European value-added aluminium firm Constellium NV announced this week it has been chosen to provide auto body sheet to Mercedes-Benz AG for its C-Class of compact executive automobiles as they are produced in Europe, China, and South Africa. Constellium will provide two...


Novelis Debuts New Low-Carbon Laminated Aluminium Coating For Beverage Can Ends

Atlanta’s rolled aluminium firm Novelis Inc. announced this week a new colored laminated surface for its aluminium beverage can ends that is more efficient to produce and is made with a lower carbon footprint than standard aluminium can ends. The new aluminium can ends, which will be officially debuted at ALUMINIUM 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany, […]

German Aluminium Maker Speira To Cut Output By Half

German aluminium producer Speira becomes the next in a long line of European aluminium producers to draw down capacity due to high power prices, as it announced that it would curtail half of its aluminium output in October. In a press release, Speira sang a common refrain, chalking up rising power prices as the culprit. […]

Kaiser Warrick Calls Off Force Majeure Thanks To New Magnesium Supplier

American aluminium producer Kaiser Aluminum Corporation has lifted a force majeure at the Warrick Rolling Mill in Indiana. Kaiser declared the force majeure earlier in the summer due to a critical shortage of magnesium. Kaiser declared the force majeure on 7 July after its supplier, US Magnesium, LLC (US Mag) declared its own force majeure […]