Hydro Secures Long-term Carbon Anode Supply with Sanvira Tech for Aluminium Production

Hydro Secures Long-term Carbon Anode Supply with Sanvira Tech for Aluminium Production

Hydro, a key player in the global aluminium industry, has entered a significant long-term contract with Sanvira Tech LLC, reinforcing its supply chain for aluminium production. This agreement, finalized in Oslo on November 27, marks a strategic move to secure carbon anodes,...


Hydro Launches Advanced Aluminium Recycling Facility in Michigan

On November 16, Hydro, a leading player in the aluminium industry, marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan. The plant, which represents an investment of 150 million USD, was completed 18 months after groundbreaking. It is poised to produce an impressive 120,000 metric tons (approximately 132,277 U.S. […]

European Aluminium Urges EU for Broader Sanctions on Russian Aluminium

European Aluminium, a prominent industry group, has called for the European Union (EU) to expand its import bans on Russian aluminium. The statement was made on Friday, highlighting concerns that the current proposals for sanctions are insufficiently comprehensive. The EU is presently discussing a 12th package of sanctions, proposed by the European Commission. These sanctions […]

Hydro and UK’s WEVC Join Forces for Eco-Friendly Electric Vans

In a significant move towards eco-friendly transportation, Hydro, a notable aluminium manufacturer, has partnered with the UK-based electric vehicle startup, Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC). Announced on Wednesday, this collaboration aims to incorporate recycled and low-carbon aluminium in the production of commercial electric vans, marking a stride in achieving the climate goals set by WEVC […]

EU Reaches Agreement on Mineral Supply Targets to Decrease Dependence on China

The European Union has finalized targets for domestic supply of critical minerals like lithium and nickel, marking a significant step in reducing its reliance on external countries, especially China. This decision, reached on Monday, aims to boost the EU’s self-sufficiency in strategic raw materials. In March, the European Commission introduced the Critical Raw Materials Act, […]