Australian Government Revises Dumping Margin on Aluminium Extrusions from Malaysia and Vietnam

The Australian government’s Anti-Dumping Commission announced last week revisions in levels of securities on aluminium extrusions from Malaysia and Vietnam.

The revisions are a result of an investigation into possible dumping and/or subsidization of those aluminium extrusions launched in October of last year. The new securities levels have Vietnam’s East Asia Aluminium Company Ltd. paying 6.9%, Mien Hua Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd. paying 11.6%, Global Vietnam Aluminium Co., Ltd. paying 17.5%, and uncooperative exporters and all other exporters from Vietnam paying a securities rate of 34.9%. The margin prior to this adjustment ranged between 13.9% and 85.5%.

Malaysia’s Press Metal Berhad, LB Aluminium Berhad, Superb Aluminium Industries Sdn Bhd, and residual exporters (namely Kamco Aluminium Sdn Bhd, Milleon Extruder Sdn Bhd, and Genesis Aluminium Industries Sdn Bhd.) will not be assessed securities charges, but uncooperative exporters and all other exporters from Malaysia will be assessed a securities charge of 12.4%. Prior to the adjustment, Malaysian firms found themselves paying a securities charge of 34.2%.

Commissioner Dale Seymour also provided an update on the countervailing investigation it is conducting regarding extrusions from Vietnam and Malaysia, advising the public that it did not find “sufficient grounds” to assess countervailing duties against exports from Australia to the countries in question.

Seymour went on to say that it has requested additional information from the Malaysian government regarding an additional countervailable subsidy program, and that the investigation into whether exports from those countries have been subsidized continues.

The Commissioner closed by indicating that it plans to publish a statement of essential facts found in the investigation by April 9, and that his final recommendation would be delivered to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry, Innovation, and Science by May 24. A final decision on whether countervailing duties and/or dumping duties would be imposed would be made by the Parliamentary Secretary upon receiving the Commissioner’s recommendations.

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