ASI Certifies Ma’aden Aluminium Facilities Against Performance and Chain Of Custody Standards

ASI Certifies Ma’aden Aluminium Facilities Against Performance and Chain Of Custody Standards

Trade group Aluminium Stewardship Initiative certified the bauxite mining, alumina refining, and aluminium casting and rolling operations of Ma’aden Aluminium this week against its Performance and Chain of Custody standards.

The ASI certified Ma’aden’s bauxite mining at the Al Ba’itha mine in Qassim Province, and its alumina refining and smelting, aluminium re-melting, and casting and rolling operations at Ras Al Khair Industrial City in Saudi Arabia. Ma’aden’s operations at Ras Al Khair also include aluminium can recycling operations.

Ma’aden’s plant at Ras Al Khair has a nameplate capacity of 780 thousand metric tons per annum of raw aluminium and 460 thousand metric tons of can sheet. The remelting operations recycle up to 120 thousand metric tons of beverage cans per annum.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI lauded Ma’aden for its certification in a related press release.

“ASI warmly congratulates Ma’aden Aluminium on this dual ASI Certification of its integrated operations in Saudi Arabia. The vertical integration of these operations from bauxite mining to UBC recycling, as well as casting and rolling makes it an important aluminium node in the Middle East. The company’s ASI Certifications are a significant boost for the responsible production and sourcing of ASI Certified materials for the global aluminium value chain and downstream aluminium-using sectors.”

ASI’s Performance Standard is the product of consultations with a multitude of stakeholders throughout the aluminium value chain, which ASI asserts is the sole comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative in the aluminium sector. The certifications, which each last for three years, were audited by DNV Business Assurance Services UK Ltd.

The ASI is a worldwide organization dedicated to setting industrial standards and certifications in the aluminium industry. The association attempts to bring together the various stakeholders in the aluminium industry in order to achieve objectives including sustainable production methods, material chain-of-custody procedures, recycling, social impacts related to aluminium production, and production standards.