Ardagh to Convert UK Beverage Container Plant from Steel to Aluminium

Rugby School as seen from "the close" where according to legend Rugby football was invented.

Luxembourg-based producer of glass and metal products Ardagh Group SA announced last week that it will soon convert its manufacturing plant in Rugby, Warwickshire from manufacturing beverage containers from steel to aluminium.

According to the company, the plant at Rugby will begin the process of conversion late this year and expects to complete the conversion within the first few months of next year.

“We look at this conversion as a key move in furthering Ardagh’s overall footprint and are confident it will be welcomed by our customers, the Rugby plant and our other key stakeholders,” said Oliver Graham, CEO Ardagh Metal Beverage.

The Rugby plant, which opened in 1989, began life as a two-line aluminium plant. The plant was converted to steel seven years later as a response to customer needs at the time. The conversion in question is a response to customer demand as well, as the firm says the move will help support aluminium can production that it has lately acquired.

Ardagh assures its customers that orders will be filled during the plant’s conversion, as facilities at Wrexham (among others) are being prepared to carry the load while the Rugby plant is down.

Founded in 1932 as the Irish Glass Bottle Company, Ardagh operates eighty-nine glass and metal manufacturing production facilities in twenty-one countries. The firm employed 19,000 workers and posted revenue of about US$5.8 billion in 2015.

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