American Firm Develops New Aluminium Alloy for Commercial Vehicle Wheels

American Firm Develops New Aluminium Alloy for Commercial Vehicle Wheels

Indiana commercial vehicle component maker Accuride Corporation debuted a new, proprietary aluminium alloy developed for use in the production of aluminium wheels for commercial vehicle applications.

Dubbed Quantum 99, the firm says the alloy is one-fifth stronger than previous alloys, allowing for the reduction in weight of its standard aluminium wheels by eleven percent. Accuride boasts that wheels made with the new alloy will weigh in at an industry-best of forty pounds.

In addition to lighter weight, the alloy features an optimized microstructure, improving the wheel’s performance and boosting its strength and durability.

“To help our customers achieve greater fuel economy and lower emissions, Accuride continues light-weighting our products while maintaining superior levels of safety and performance,” explained Rick Dauch, Accuride’s President and CEO. “As the latest step in our efforts, we’re excited to introduce our next-generation Quantum 99 alloy and 40 lb. aluminum wheel. These demonstrate our commitment to offering the industry’s strongest, lightest and most durable aluminum wheels. Quantum 99 will serve as the foundation of a new series of lightweight aluminum wheels from Accuride that provide superior fatigue life and durability to competing technology.”

The alloy will be used on its most popular wheel, which measures 22.5” by 8.25”. According to testing by the firm, the new alloy gives this model twice the fatigue life of other forty-pound models. Plus, the five-pound drop in weight translates to a weight savings of one hundred pounds on a typical tractor-trailer rig.

Accuride expects to have wheels made from this new alloy available for sale in the third quarter of this year.